Everything you need to know about the personal loan offered by Cleopar for 2019. The conditions of the loan with the applied interest rates and the information on how to request an estimate online. Finally we will take a look at the opinions of users who have received an Excellent Cleopar loan.

Cleopar Excellent Loan 2019: features, requirements and rates

In this page we will deal with a particular type of financing offered by Cleopar, which takes the name of Excellent Personal Loan. As reported on the official website of the company, this is the “standard” offer of financing reserved for customers. Cleopar personal loans are among the best in circulation, and it is no coincidence that there are many who choose this finance company to carry out their projects, both for reliability and convenience. First of all, it is worth pointing out that the Great Cleopar loan can be used for any type of project. It is in fact a non-finalized loan, which makes it a very interesting solution because of its versatility. So this product is aimed at a rather large clientele.

Regarding the amount that can be requested, the Cleopar Ottimo loan reaches up to € 30,000. So we are talking about a rather important figure, which can be used for example for the purchase of a new or used car, but also for the renovation of your home, or to buy furniture and other items of furniture, organize trips, ceremonies and so on. The repayment plan can be chosen by the customer according to his needs: the duration ranges from a minimum of 24 months up to a maximum of 84 months. So let’s see who can access this type of financing offered by Cleopar. The first constraint, as always, concerns the age of the applicant : of course it is required to be of legal age, while the maximum age is set at 75 years at the end of the reimbursement. Furthermore, residence in Italy is required. In case you are a foreigner, you can still access the Cleopar Ottimo loan, but only if you have resided in Italy for at least one year and have a valid residence permit.

As for any form of financing, among the required requisites there are those that concern the economic situation of the client. Obviously the company request guarantees before proceeding with the payment of the amount of money that we are going to request. Who can receive a personal loan from Cleopar? All employees will not have any kind of problem in the request, since it will be enough to present the last paycheck. The same applies to pensioners, who will in fact be able to access the Cleopar loan simply by submitting the last pension slip. If you are self-employed without a paycheck, do not worry, because you can still receive the personal loan Cleopar Ottimo. The guarantee you will have to present will be the last tax return.

One very important aspect that determines the choice of a particular form of financing over another is that of interest rates. The personal loan of Cleopar is a fixed rate loan, which therefore provides for constant installments for the entire repayment plan. The interest rates applied will be defined at the time of the request and will depend on various factors. First of all, this parameter depends on the duration chosen for financing: the greater the number of installments in which we will complete the repayment and the greater will be the Tan and Taeg rates applied by Cleopar. Another determining factor is that of risk for the company. In this sense, rates can grow according to age, but also on the basis of the economic guarantees presented by the customer: a self-employed worker who does not have a fixed salary is a more risky profile than an employee. In any case, however, the interest rates provided by Cleopar for the Excellent loan are decidedly competitive.

How to apply for an online estimate for Personal Cleopar Loans

If you are interested in receiving this type of financing, the best thing to do is to request a quote from the company. In this way it is indeed possible to know all the characteristics of the loan that will be offered to us. Knowing the repayment rate and the applied interest rates, we will be able to compare the Great Cleopar loan with the other financial products on the market, in order to identify the most convenient solution according to our needs. On the Cleopar website we have the possibility to calculate a free estimate online in a few simple clicks. Let’s see step by step what to do to get to know all the features of our financing.

In the area of the Cleopar website dedicated to personal loans, in the menu on the right you have to click on ” Calculate your installment “. In this way you can use the simulator to know immediately the installment and interest rates. It is good to remember that this tool is completely free and is also aimed at those who are not yet customers of Cleopar: to use it is not required to enter login credentials. What should we do to calculate our ideal financing? Everything is extremely simple. On the page that we have just opened we find two horizontal bars on which we can scroll. We will have to move on the two bars to answer the two fundamental questions related to our financing: ” What amount do you need? “And” What monthly payment do you want to pay? “.

By choosing these two amounts and clicking on ” Calculate ” we will be able to know the Great Cleopar loan that fully meets our needs. As we have already said, the amount that can be requested can not exceed 30,000 euros. Regarding the amount of each installment it is clear that we will not have full freedom in this sense, since we must consider the limits imposed on the duration that we can choose, which as we have already said should be between 24 and 84 months. For example, if you are interested in an amount equal to 10,000 euros to be received via the Cleopar Ottimo loan, the monthly repayment installment that you can fix ranges from a minimum of 175 euros up to a maximum of 475 euros. Choosing the lowest installment in absolute terms we are offered a loan with a duration between 69 and 84 months, with interest rates between 5.90% and 10.90% and a Taeg between 6.97% and 12.31%.

As pointed out on the Cleopar website, the values ​​of interest rates are expressed in the range until the customer makes a real request, because as we said these parameters depend precisely on the customer’s data. In case you are interested in applying for the Cleopar Ottimo loan you can do it directly on the website after doing the simulation, by clicking on ” Continue “. To make the request online you must fill out the form with all the personal data requested, as well as send your documents in electronic format (by scanning or by photo). In the event that you prefer to contact an expert in the field, you can apply for an Excellent Cleopar loan in the branch. Through the company’s website you can consult the complete list of Cleopar offices and make an appointment in the one closest to your home, choosing the most convenient date and time for you.

Reviews of users on the Cleopar Loan: is it really good?

Reviews of users on the Cleopar Loan: is it really good?

To conclude our analysis of the Cleopar Loan Great it is good to take a look at the opinions of users. Before proceeding with the request for funding it is important to know what they think of those who received the same loan before us. Is the personal Cleopar loan really good as suggested by the product name itself? To answer this question we have consulted some of the main industry forums. What has emerged from our research is that forum users promote with full marks or almost the Cleopar loan. The vast majority of customers who have chosen this form of financing would recommend it to a friend.

Among the strengths of Cleopar there is certainly the availability of consultants, who are always ready to solve any problem. Another very important aspect that is sought in funding is the delivery speed. Also from this point of view, customers consider the Cleopar personal loan to be excellent. The payment of the desired amount actually takes place in the day, on the customer’s current account or by check. Obviously, delivery times can not be fixed and that is why some customers negatively evaluate this product due to an excessively long wait for the payment of the requested sum of money.

In this sense it is good to underline that the times necessary for the delivery can vary according to problems related to one’s own practice, which often do not depend on the company. In any case, however, most customers are satisfied with the delivery speed. Finally, the few negative reviews on the Cleopar Ottimo personal loan are those published by those who failed to receive the desired amount due to the company’s requirements, considered too restrictive. We can not know what the reasons for the non-payment were, but Cleopar clearly describes the requirements necessary to access the loan on our website and therefore we invite you to read the terms and conditions of the loan carefully before making the request. In general, therefore, we would like to state that the personal Cleopar loan is actually very good, both on the basis of our analysis of the product and on the basis of the opinions published online by the company’s customers.



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