In everyday life you may have to face an important obstacle, that is represented by a sudden expense that takes you by surprise just when you realize you have exhausted your money. Here are the solutions that are proposed by the Onecredit Bank, which can adapt to your situation.

The personal loan of Onecredit Credit Express Dynamic

The first loan you can count on is represented by the Credit amazing solution, a loan designed for different types of expenses whose minimum credit starts from two thousand euros and the maximum limit is thirty thousand. This financing can be customized in every aspect of you, or you will have the concrete possibility to choose the duration of the installments, for a minimum of three years up to a maximum of seven with fixed monthly installments at a fixed rate. The fixed TAN settles on a percentage value equal to 10.40 while the maximum APR that could characterize your installments is 12.61 percent.

Smart Voucher financing

If you have to spend between two hundred and thirty thousand euros, you can make the choice of financing on the Smart Voucher product fall. This solution will be given to you in nominal Vouchers with a duration of six months : only you will be able to exploit the amount of money you have requested from Onecredit to purchase goods or services from one of the bank’s partners. Keep in mind the fact that this solution allows you to make even a single total expense for a maximum of ten services or total assets at the same seller. The loan may be repaid in twenty-four months or in the maximum solution of eighty-four, with TAN and TAEG having the same amount as the loan described above.

Sale of the Fifth Onecredit

If instead you prefer to take advantage of the classic form of transfer of the fifth, the Onecredit bank allows you to exploit this particular solution. The amounts will be variable depending on the job role that you have at the time of applying for the loan: if you are a public employee, the maximum amount of money is € 72,000, if you are private the maximum amount settles on € 47,000.

Moreover, if you are a pensioner with INPS agreement, you can get a sum of money equal to sixty-nine thousand euro maximum. The loan works like any other transfer of the fifth or with the levy on the pension or salary and you can choose for a minimum solution equal to one year up to a maximum of ten years. Obviously you will have to choose the duration of the refund based on the amount of money requested and of course the monthly income you receive.

Personal Loans Debt Consolidation

If you have several installments to pay and you want them to be paid off with a single monthly payment, you can opt for the debt consolidation loan solution. Onecredit will make a calculation of the monthly payment that allows you to consolidate all debts and will also allow you to have a sum of additional money to cover additional expenses. The duration of the loan is varied and starts from the years up to ten. In addition, the minimum amount is equal to two thousand euros up to a maximum of fifty thousand and the rates are TAN 10.40 and TAEG 11.35 percent. These are the different solutions offered to you by Onecredit regarding personal loans.

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